Blog & Chill


The hustle and bustle of the city. Hated it while I was there but I miss it now. It’s too much for some, just right for others and then there’s those that don’t realize the beauty of it all. Living in Chicago taught me a lot about myself and life in general. Although the situation wasn’t ideal, I’m happy to be back in my hometown.

Life slowed down just enough for me to internalize everything and apply it to the next level of my life. It’s all a work in progress, mainly figuring out the balance. Working full time, all out single mom, fitness, social (going out, dating, and volunteering), travel with and without the kiddos, all while figuring out what I REALLY wanna do with this beautiful life.

So Chill was one of my bright ideas… one that never went away…I don’t have a product or service to offer. But I have stories! Real ones and not-so real ones. People like talking to me and hearing my thoughts. I’m no fashionista, natural hair guru, fitness junky … any of that. I’m just me! Silly, goofy, smart mouthed, rebellious, ambitious, goal driven me. I’ll laugh with you, cry with you, recite movie lines and song lyrics with you before discussing goals and life plans.

With all that said, welcome to my blog– the no judgement zone! Read, follow me, share, comment but most importantly … Chill

“…but in life there’s always a chance to grow. From the struggle, from the pain, from the realness. Here’s my story..”

-Lloyd “True”