January Reflections



Is it just me or did this month fly by?!? At one moment I was writing out 2017 goals and doing my yearly NYE party with the boys and now…. we’re here. I thought it’d be therapeutic of me to go back over some of my highlights from this month. What better to do than share with you all. So here goes:

January highlights

Planning I’ve managed to carve out time each Sunday to create a weekly plan for myself. This has helped me stay on target with goals, appointments and just regular house hold tasks. Planning is a big one for me. I’m definitely in my “I am every woman ” phase, I can’t truly be that without a good plan. Have to make sure everyone gets their time. Including me.

Blog-versations. Just created that word, you like that? After taking a social media break, see previous post Starting from the bottom, to clear my mind and get back to self. I was able to digest all information and create a plan that works. Still working on the whole consistency thing. No worries, I’m getting there. What has given me life are the conversations and encouragement I’ve gotten through post and social media comments. Yes, hearing from you guys makes my day! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to see what I’m yapping about.

Women’s March. I’m just going to make this a global mention, I’m not just speaking of the march in Washington D.C. but the marches that took place across the United States including the one that occurred here locally. That was a very proud moment even more so when a new friend took the stage. If you have a moment, check out Tanisha King Taylor website.

NEW EDITION OMGEEEEEE!!! Did you guys see it?  If not, I watched the mini series enough for you, me, and five neighbors. I was on a nostalgic high until last night, I kid you not! From the wardrobe, to the hairstyles, right on down to the music… with each song my mind went down memory lane. Great biopic!!I’ll save you my lecture. Lawd knows I can go on and on about it.

Water. Sounds silly but this is a big deal for me! I’m just not into liquids but I’ve upped my water intake ten fold. It’s been about 2 weeks, I’m not doing this for weight purposes so I can’t give you a benchmark there but my skin and hair are thanking me both aren’t as dry. Water is a necessity year round but especially win in the midst of a bipolar winter season. Next step, cutting down on dairy again…. I can’t help it, the cheese just k
eeps calling me!january-books

Reading Managed to squeeze in time to read a few books that have been on my shelf for well over a year. Both are written by G.L. Lambert, relationship expert and blogger behind the Black Girls Are Easy website. I was clearly going through a phase when I purchased the books. Then had a moment when I thought I didn’t need those books-I mean, I’m good. Right? Right. I am good but there’s always room for improvement. In all areas of life including relationships.

Volunteering. Picked back up on both volunteer duties. One is working in the library at my kids school which I absolutely LOVE ! The environment is completely different from my work environment plus it gives me the opportunity to peek in on my babies throughout the school day.

Shea butter Oh yes GAWD .. shea butter saved my life this month!  My super fluffy, frizzy moisture deprived hair to my winter beaten skin. Three snaps and a high five for shea butter. If you don’t have any, I suggest you go get some ASAP. Oh and honorable mention to Aloe Water. The two together have made my life so much better. Thank you Krissy!!!

Deauguration. There I go again creating a new word. This is what I called the time everyone spent on their farewells to the Obama era. I’m not a political person so I dare not venture too far into this subject but  I have feelings and opinions attached to those. Regardless of how many may have seen him Obama attempted to do a lot of good for everyone. An absolute class act. It was an honor witnessing that part of history. During that time a blogger I follow closely, singsongblackbird, wrote these beautiful open letters to Michelle Obama and Barack Obama. I absolutely loved these!

Last but not least, I’m forever a fan of clever word usage and also a fan of just honesty. And poetry and music and art… well forget it. I’m just in love this poem by Reyna Biddy. Allow me to link you to my final highlight. A link to YouTube so you can hear Reyna give her condolences to anyone who has ever misunderstood.

That sums it up for me. Do you have any highlights from this month? Feel free to share one or some with me. We’re one big happy family here

Yours truly,

Serena Mo



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