Starting from the bottom

It’s been a minute since I’ve put anything out, had to take a minute to regroup. I’ll admit I got lost in the sauce. Consumed myself with building Instagram followers. Then off into Twitter world where I found really good bloggers and support groups. Twitter lead me to Facebook. Facebook sent me to Pinterest and Google + LOTS of great people, support and material. But the more I dug, the more blogs I read, the more lost I got. I was taking myself further into what others were doing and further away from what I wanted to do.  The further I got away from my “what” the less confident I felt about my voice so then… I shut it all down. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. Time to get back in touch with me. Time to ground myself. Remind myself why I started this. It was never for the followers. It was for me and eventually for other people like me.

In a conversation with my best friend, I tell her I’m over the whole blogging thing. I mean… what was I thinking, right? These people all appear professional with hundreds and thousands of followers, I’m clearly an amateur. This is really hard for me! Being the brutally honest person she is, she reminded me of who I am and what I was doing. It was never for “the gram”, always for me. Touche my friend, Touche

So here I am. Starting from the bottom, the way it should’ve been before venturing into lala land. Making a promise to myself to spend more time publishing. This is the only way to get comfortable and build the confidence – or not- to share the many stories and thoughts that come to mind.

Don’t you just love having those verbal slaps in the face?

Thank you Toya. I love you girl!!!



8 thoughts on “Starting from the bottom

  1. Demetria J. says:

    Hey girl I feel you on this I’m an amateur at this myself. Instagram is truly a pain in the ass because the climate is so fickle. Sometime I get a bit of anxiety wanting to share my small milestone and/or achievements because the numbers drops in multiples. I don’t even bother with my Twitter page all like that…LOL but I will say all of this is a learning experience we will get to where we want to be soon enough just have to grind really hard for it!


    • SoChill says:

      That’s so true! Thank you love. I do think the hard work will pay off. Just have to find find the platform that works for us and always, always remain true to ourselves!!


  2. Melissa says:

    I completely understand how you feel! I recently celebrated my first year of blogging and with that milestone achieved, I took some time to reflect on how I was using social media for the blog. I was in too many Facebook groups. I was obsessed with outreach on Instagram. I had modified my Pinterest profile. I still don’t know what to do with my Twitter account! I was feeling a tad overwhelmed and I had forgotten that blogging was supposed to be my HOBBY. I’m not selling anything. I’m telling my little stories. Would you mind if I shared this post on my Facebook page? Hopefully, our tribe will find us soon. 🙂

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    • SoChill says:

      OMG Melissa! Same here! I mean hats off to everyone and their success, I love to see so many people doing what they love. As far as me, this was only meant to be a hobby. A new hobby at that. I have nothing to sell just stories and thoughts to share. Our tribes will certainly find us, I mean..I found you!:-) congratulations on your first year of blogging!! If you find the post shareworthy, yes please do. The support warms my heart.

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  3. toyasjoy says:

    Ms. SoChill-

    Thank you for writIng this. It happens to eh best of us. I think that’s the hard truth with social media; when used the right way, it’s great. When there’s information overload, identity comes into question, for those who are aware. Think of what happens to those who aren’t aware?! Anywho, I could be all day about that. I’m so happy you’ve decided to stay and lift your voice, it’s needed. Our stories and perspectives are important. We are relational people who need to relate (which is way social media works when it works). I love reading your pieces and seeing what you see through your eyes. Keep writing, keep sharing, keep being awesome and regroup as needed (we all have to). Love, Toya’s Joy

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