You Can Fix What Isn’t Broken

How true! THEY dont want you to win. Its up to you to decide rather or not to believe them. Great post sing song blackbird!!

Singin' Blackbird

If DJ Khaled were to see the title of this post he would probably respond with: “They don’t want you to be a magician; they don’t want you to improve yourself”. Listen to me, and Khaled, you can absolutely fix what is not broken. When we get a regimen of any sort down we stick to it because we know it works. We all know that growth is uncomfortable. If we don’t like it, we usually don’t do it right? Then life comes and forces us out in the cold and forces us to take that feeling and make the best out of it. We then fall into that same cycle.

0q33pyk-axi-tina-rataj-berard photo by rebecca matthews via unsplash

What were to happen if you initiated a change in your lifestyle? It could be something as simple as practicing optimism to kicking any kind of addiction. What if you were to make…

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